Annual Report 2021-2022

Robyn Alders

Executive Message From Our Chair

Kyeema is about to enter its twentieth year of operation and what a journey it has been; one built on an exceptional commitment to working with communities to build stronger, more resilient futures and highly valued inputs by our dedicated team of staff, volunteers, and supporters.

I’d like to share a significant contribution made by Kyeema during its first two decades to livestock research and development in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). For many decades, animal health services focused on ruminant health and production, especially cattle which are usually owned and managed by men.

Anthony Carrigan, Reduced Size

Introducing our new CEO

I joined Kyeema on 16 May 2022.  What I knew of Kyeema from years of watching the organisation in operation was happily borne out in practice: dedicated positive people, work grounded in science and supported by scientific rigour, all aimed at improving the lives and prospects of marginalised communities. In short, I joined an intelligent organisation of hope and optimism. Like others we experienced a world still coping with the ravages of COVID-19 and conflict but through that hope and optimism were able to commence some exciting new work and expand on successes of the past.

Our New Strategic Direction

A locally empowered approach to improving community health and prosperity has motivated Kyeema members since our establishment in 2003. This feeling of empowerment, one that is often felt at the beginning of a new day, is captured in the meaning of the word Kyeema – an Australian Aboriginal word describing a beautiful dawn. After a year of consulting widely, and with much gratitude to our hard-working staff and volunteers, we are proud to share the future direction of Kyeema. Our new Strategic Plan (SP) for July 2021 – June 2026 embraces the ideals of strong partner collaboration and technological innovation to support sustainable social, economic and environmental development. Our approach is aligned with the One Health and One Welfare movements which seeks to support healthier people, animals and environments using shared systems and resources.

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