Our valued volunteers

Volunteers have contributed greatly to our programs through the Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID) , student internships from various universities and as professional consultants with diverse skill-sets.  Our volunteers are committed to sustainable global development and global food and nutrition security.


Carl Ume, 2020

Carl is studying a Bachelor of International Relations at Griffith University and is currently in his third year. With a focus on development and security Carl hopes to work in International Development especially in the Asia-Pacific region.

Cecilia Castiello, 2020

Cecilia is studying a Bachelor of Social Science with a Major in Health at the University of Queensland, Brisbane. She has previously interned at Save the Children and the Belgian Development Cooperation in Uganda. And she was a volunteer art teacher at AGAPE Hope Centre in Kenya. Cecilia is fluent in four languages. 

Kate Hampson, 2020

Kate has graduated with a Bachelor of International Relations majoring in International Relations of Asia. Her career goal is to work in International Development specifically in creating effective environmentally sustainable solutions to some of the complex problems faced with global development.

Precious Karimi, 2019

Precious joined our team as an intern while studying Public Relations at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane. She worked on our communication strategy and she contributed to our social media output. In 2020, Precious officially joined the team as Communications Officer. 

Faith Considine, 2017- 2020

Faith worked on our team for the last three years after starting as an intern in 2017.  She began while studying a Bachelor of Business / International Relations, majoring in Global Business and Diplomacy, at Bond University. She spent 2019 in Fiji working with Corals for Conservation, our partner organisation in Fiji building partner capacity and providing program support. 

Linda Sataro, 2018

Masters Communication for Social Change, University of Queensland

Melissa Ralda,  2018

Bachelor of Business, Griffith University

Tara Anisa, 2018

Masters of Communication for Social Change, University of Queensland

Alexandra Sajben, 2017

Masters in Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Queensland

Professional Volunteers

Ali Ume, 2018 – ongoing

Ali is a retired agricultural project officer based in Queensland and the key instigator behind our work in Papua New Guinea (PNG). He currently volunteers his time to manage the project there. He saw what Kyeema was doing in Africa with promoting smallholder chicken keeping and thought it was needed in his own birth country of PNG. He was trained as a Master Farmer at the beginning of the project and has since set up his own farm in Vanapa to demonstrate to the local community there the techniques and benefits of raising local breed chickens. 

Lana Baskerville 2018 – ongoing

Lana is an environmental scientist who specialises in science communication and illustration, focused on coastal and freshwater wetlands and the Great Barrier Reef. Maternal and infant health and chicken keeping are other big passions for Lana, hence the natural affinity for the work of Kyeema Foundation. Lana previously worked for Kyeema as our Communications Officer and now continues to be a valued volunteer and supporter. 

Richard Nyonyi, 2016 – ongoing

Richard Nyoni is a Malawian photographer who has generously provided his photos of farmers we work with in Malawi for use in our brand materials since he first entered our #Chickens4Africa photography competition in 2016. You can see his work and connect with him here.


Paolo Curray, 2014 – ongoing

Paolo is has volunteered much of his time and skills as an IT administrator to developing and maintaining our website over the years. He continues to be a loyal supporter and very much valued volunteer at Kyeema. 

Wendy Somerville – Team potential and facilitation

Wan Kit (Winky) Sham – Financial management

Wayne Kendall – Financial management

Bobby Lane – Financial administration

Sri Thillailingam – Financial management

Karen Black – General administration

Leo Wiles – Fundraising support

Louise Grayson – Communications support

Dr John Copland – Technical support

Russell Parker – Technical support

Robert Hedlefs – Technical support

Assoc. Professor Joanne Meers – Technical support

Zuhara Bensink – Technical support

Taro Dodd – IT support

Tony Hunt – IT support

Australian Aid Volunteers

Tahereh Parker, AVID program, Fiji, 2017

Jo Clapham, AVID program, Kiribati, 2016

Max Barot, AVID program, Vietnam, 2015

Eliza Smith, AYAD program, Kenya, 2013

Tarni Cooper, AYAD program, Kenya, 2013

Simon Fraval, AYAD program, Kenya, 2012