Thermotolerant Vaccines in the Control of Newcastle Disease in Village Chickens

A History by the late Emeritus Professor Peter Spradbrow

Emeritus Professor Peter Spradbrow

Emeritus Professor Peter Spradbrow

Always remembered 16/10/1934-31/03/2017


Veterinary and virological interest in Newcastle disease virus dates from the 1920s. Early studies included the development of vaccines, and vaccines are a continuing enterprise. In Australia vaccine studies became possible after 1966 when it was demonstrated that avirulent strains of Newcastle disease virus were endemic in local flocks. Until then Newcastle disease was not recognised in Australia except for a brief incursion in the 1930s.The commercial poultry industry sponsored the first vaccine trials with the new virus, strain V4. Later, when the ACIAR initiated projects on protecting village chickens against Newcastle disease, V4 was available as a potential vaccine. ACIAR support continued for some 15 years and other national and international agencies eventually became involved.