Kyeema Foundation Village Chicken Keeping Training, Papua New Guinea

Last week, Kyeema Foundation’s Master Farmers Koivi Egu and Kevin Egu completed their first Village Chicken Training program at their Kari Kari Farm in Tubusereia, Central Province. Ten farmers in the local area participated in the 2-day training which covered important aspects of village chicken keeping including: housing and feeding techniques, breeding and egg management as well as disease control and biosecurity.

At the end of the training, each farmer was presented with a certificate of completion of village chicken keeping practices and were given a starter pack of 2 (two) hens and 1 (one) rooster and a roll of chicken wire mesh to help build their own chicken house. The trainees will return to their homes with the starter packs to establish their own backyard chicken farms. Kyeema Foundation’s Master Farmers will continue to monitor and provide technical support for these new farmers to breed and rear the stock to increase numbers to achieve self-sustainable status.

Training participants and their Certificates of Completion.

Theory component during training.

Kyeema Foundation is extremely proud of Koivi and Kevin for completing their first training program. Their hard work and commitment to village chicken keeping means their skills are now being shared throughout the local community. With the plan for ongoing training every three months, Koivi and Kevin’s work will continue to benefit local people to engage in backyard village keeping, hence spreading the practice within the wider community in Central Province.

Village chicken practical work – building a chicken house.   

Training team: Koivi, Egu, Vicky Ranu, Kevin Egu and Emmanuel Ume presenting the starter packs.

Presentation of certificate, breeder pack and chicken house materials.

Kyeema Foundation acknowledges the support of the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) for this activity.