Our valued volunteers

Our Professional Volunteers

Fardowsa Yussuf

Fardowsa is Kyeema’s Workplace Giving Champion for Palladium Australia. Outside of work with Palladium, Fardowsa is a Youth Mentor for the African Youth Support Council. Fardowsa hopes to create social changes that positively impacts her community, both at political and community level. 


Gina Muller

Gina supports us through communications and fundraising initiatives. Her passion is to support people around the world to be able to live their best lives and she does this through supporting organisations with missions that align with her own. Connect with her at Collective Views.

Nhi Pham 

Nhi supports Kyeema finance and payroll. She appreciates the chance to apply her professional skills and knowledge to assist the team in creating a better community for the countries Kyeema have a foot print in.


Paolo Curray

Paolo volunteers much of his time and skills as an IT administrator to maintain and develop our website. He is the longest standing volunteer (other than our core team) at Kyeema. 

Kondwani Chiumya

Kondwani Chiumya  

Kondwani is a Senior Language Expansion Intern at One Health Lessons – a partner at Kyeema helping us to expand One Health education in Australia and afar. Originally from Malawi with a background in school teaching, Kondwani is currently residing in Japan, studying at Okayama University to complete a Masters degree  in Animal Pathophysiology. 

Elena Domenech

Elena Gomez Domenech is the Director of Knowledge Management (KM) at Palladium and volunteers her time to provide insight into Kyeema KM systems.

Lana Baskerville

Lana is an environmental scientist who specialises in science communication and illustration, focused on coastal and freshwater wetlands and the Great Barrier Reef. She is a loyal supporter and volunteers on  Kyeema fundraising initiatives. Maternal and infant health and chicken keeping are other big passions for Lana, hence the natural affinity for the work of Kyeema Foundation. 

Aysegul Kayahan – SP Sub-Committee of the Board

Tarni Cooper – PME Sub-Committee of the Board

Pat Boland – PME Sub-Committee of the Board

Wendy Somerville – SP Facilitation

Sri Thillailingam – Financial management

Leo Wiles – Communications

Louise Grayson – Communications

Dr Elaine Cebuliak – Fundraising

Dr John Copland – Technical support (Agriculture for Development Programs)

Russell Parker – Technical support (Poultry Breeding)

Robert Hedlefs – Technical support (Veterinary)

Professor Joanne Meers – Technical support (Immunology and ND I-2 vaccine Master Seed UQ)

Taro Dodd – IT support 

Tony Hunt – IT support

The History of our Australian Aid Volunteers

Tahereh Parker, AVID program, Fiji, 2017

Jospehine Clapham KYEEMA

Jo Clapham, AVID program, Kiribati, 2016

Max Barot, AVID program, Vietnam, 2015

Eliza Smith, AYAD program, Kenya, 2013

Tarni Cooper KYEEMA

Tarni Cooper, AYAD program, Kenya, 2013

Simon Fraval, AYAD program, Kenya, 2012