Our history

KYEEMA history

Kyeema’s journey began in 2003, with a group of Australian veterinary and agricultural scientists. Their goal was to alleviate poverty in developing countries by promoting a model of sustainable Newcastle disease control.

Chickens are a crucial building block in the nutritional and economic stability of their owners, usually women. When families lose chickens in vulnerable communities, they also lose income to pay for food, education for their children and medicine.

The late Emeritus Professor Peter Spradbrow and partners developed the thermotolerant Newcastle disease (ND) I-2 vaccine.

This vaccine for village chickens was innovative as it does not rely on a stable chain of refrigeration. Because of this it can be used in areas where power supply is unreliable.

KYEEMA Spradbrow

Above is the late Emertius Professor Peter Spradbrow (centre) with veterinary colleagues at the African Union. 

Innovation led to the I-2 vaccine

Over 10 years of research, pre-testing, and working supply-chain development- all with rigorous community consultation – has led to the many innovations for village chicken owners.  Additionally, this decade of research and work helped development of a comprehensive set of tools for community led vaccination campaigns.  Furthermore, it includes technician and farmer trainings on how to use the vaccine.  We worked with communities in a local production of quality assured vaccine. And helped to supported their continued disease surveillance.

Through this model, we have the goal of achieving nearly 100% locally driven Newcastle disease control in communities.  And improved village chicken husbandry and health.  Which will lead to improved livelihoods and increased food security.

Robyn Alders in Mozambique

Dr Robyn Alders (above) spearheaded research testing for the I-2 ND vaccine in the field.  She worked with communities in Mozambique.  And there they developed the community vaccinator model for sustainable Newcastle disease control. 

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