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Kyeema Foundation PNG Master Coral Gardener – Kevin Egu – recognised on EM TV for his excellent work training staff from the PNG Conservation and Environmental Protection Authority on cost effective thermo-tolerant coral gardening techniques at the Tutu Beach training area. 


Kyeema’s Ex CEO Celia Grenning talks with Rhianna Patrick from ABC Radio about how the Kyeema Foundation uses the health of chickens to help rural African villages improve their standard of living.

Griffith Film School Live Lab

Watch ‘Kyeema’s Journey’ from humble beginnings, supporting locally driven improved village poultry health delivery for food and nutrition security in resource poor settings in rural Africa, to a global charity of choice for supporting people, animals and the environment though local initiatives and innovations.

A big thank you to Griffith Film School Live Lab students for helping us tell our story.


In this AgTalk, renowned Australian veterinarian Robyn Alders tells the story of how heat tolerant vaccinations for Newcastle disease have transformed the lives of farmers.


In an innovative series on SBS Food Network, six Aussie chefs travel to remote parts of the world to learn how Australian Government agency, ACIAR, is improving food security in the developing world, and to learn how to cook like the locals. The show includes a trip to Tanzania and takes look at village chicken vaccinations.

The inaugural Mitchell Humanitarian Award was presented to veterinarian and  academic Dr Robyn Alders in a ceremony at The Australian National University, recognising her career-long efforts to protect village chickens in developing countries from a deadly but preventable disease.

From all over the world, our people at Kyeema say thank you, at this time of unprecedented global change.