The Kyeema Foundation works to improve the health and prosperity of marginalised communities and their environments. We work in partnership with purpose-led organisations to catalyse innovation and enrich lives.

We work across these areas


Chickens 4 Change

Village chickens are one of the few assets owned by many resource-poor households, especially women. The benefits of improving the health and welfare of household village chickens are countless. ‘Chickens 4 Change’ is a simple, yet powerful local sustainable development solution for the communities we work with. Learn more and help to improve the food and nutrition security of rural communities.

Coral Reef Restoration

We are supporting community-led coral reef restoration for long term food and nutrition security and climate change action in Papua New Guinea. In the 2019-20 year we supported 76 community members (34% female, 14% youth) to participate in regular community coral reef gardening activities, led by key Master Coral Gardener Kevin Egu

Challenge Fund for Innovation

The Challenge Fund is open globally through a challenge model, with particular emphasis on proposals that aim to test or demonstrate transformative technology that can be scaled through innovative partner financing and implementation mechanisms to enrich lives.

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