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    We believe in a world where partnerships catalyse innovation to improve the health and prosperity of marginalised communities and their environments.

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In 2023, we celebrated 20 years of working with communities globally to tackle poverty, environmental degradation and build better lives. We work alongside diverse implementing and funding partners to find innovative, participatory solutions for these challenges. Support us to continue the work.

Watch ‘Kyeema’s Journey’ from humble beginnings, supporting locally driven improved village poultry health delivery for food and nutrition security in resource poor settings in rural Africa, to a global charity of choice for supporting people, animals and the environment though local initiatives and innovations.

A big thank you to Griffith Film School Live Lab students for helping us tell our story. 

Now more than ever, marginalised communities and our environment needs support.

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Improved animal health delivery using a One Health and Welfare approach

Nature-based solutions to climate change

Partnering to deliver funds for impact

ATE Funds for Impact
Nutrition, Health and Livelihoods

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