Our 2021-2026 Strategic Direction

A locally empowered approach to improving community health and prosperity has motivated Kyeema members since our establishment in 2003. This feeling of empowerment, one that is often felt at the beginning of a new day, is captured in the meaning of the word Kyeema – an Australian Aboriginal word describing a beautiful dawn. After a year of consulting widely, and with much gratitude to our hard-working staff and volunteers, we are proud to share the future direction of Kyeema. Our new Strategic Plan (SP) for July 2021 – June 2026 embraces the ideals of strong partner collaboration and technological innovation to support sustainable social, economic and environmental development. Our approach is aligned with the One Health and One Welfare movements which seeks to support healthier people, animals and environments using shared systems and resources.

A New Vision

A world where partnerships catalyse innovation and enrich lives.

A New Mission

Working to improve the health and prosperity of marginalised communities and their environments.

Now more than ever, marginalised communities and our environment need support.

That’s why we are promoting and scaling opportunities for improved health and prosperity in three key
focus areas:
1. Nutrition, Health and Livelihoods;
2. Resilient Communities; and
3. Innovation.

Nutrition, Health and Livelihoods AR
Resilient Communities AR
Innovation 1

Commitment to a ‘One Health and One Welfare’ approach

Our work is informed by a ‘One Health and One Welfare’ approach: a collaborative framework that recognises the interdependence of humans, animals, and the natural environments in which they live. Any project we design, or support, must be mutually sustainable for both humans and their natural ecosystems.

In the 2022-23 year we have grown our portfolio and technical expertise in nature-based solutions for climate change with a focus on community-led coral reef, and associated coastal habitat restoration. We continue as a learning organisation taking on new ways to best build capacity and foster resilience in local communities, whilst encouraging local ownership of solutions using shared systems and resources.

Motivated by some great projects supported in the 2022-23 year, we continue to look for new partners to grow our network.

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Kyeema’s Impact Pathway

Many resource-limited communities deal with entrenched cycles of poverty. They rely on their surrounding environments and local economies for food, shelter and income generation. There is an urgent need for locally driven development solutions to improve the health and prosperity of communities, while simultaneously protecting the wellbeing of animals and the natural environment.

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