Humanitarian Relief Fund

Open to Palladium personnel only.

In a world where crises and social upheaval have become the norm, Kyeema contributes to humanitarian relief efforts and responds to disasters as they occur. Requests for grants are accepted on a rolling basis, with 10% of Palladium’s annual funds initiative budget reserved for this ad hoc fund.

Current Projects

Yayasan PIKUL

On 4 April 2021, strong winds and heavy rains triggered by Cyclone Seroja led to extensive flooding and landslides in the provinces of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) and West Nusa Tenggara (NTB).  NTT was worst affected with extensive damage and destruction to houses and it’s infrastructure including loss of electricity which posed additional challenges for households and communities. PIKUL is a local CSO that is well established in disaster management and resilience building in NTT province. The organisation also has a leading role in supporting CSO/multi-sectors coordination through the Disaster Risk Reduction Forum (FRPB). The Humanitarian Relief funds help provide additional resources to PIKUL to enable them to strengthen their role in coordinating CSOs for the delivery of response and to mobilise volunteers to support the government’s response. Resources are also used to support the mobilisation of volunteers by paying for direct expenses such as transport and/or accommodation.

Yayasan Besi Pae

Cyclone Seroja hit Nusa Tengarra Timur over the 2021 easter period resulting in loss of life and severe damage to household infrastructure. Houses have been damaged and the flood waters have contaminated water resources. Large parts of the province were without power and were waiting for months for electricity to be restored. Many households along the coast are dependent on household wells for domestic water needs, however these water resources are now contaminated with effluent and need to be restored. Without electricity many households could not boil water, while gas supplies had been disrupted and households had to purchase bottled water at very expensive prices. With funding through the Humanitarian Relief Fund, Yayasan Besi Pae was able to distribute 240 water filter systems to selected vulnerable households so they could access clean drinking water. 

Past Projects

FRIEND, a Fijian non-profit, was supported to provide families with fishing boats  after Tropical Cyclone Winston. These families live in and around the communities of Nayavutoka, Verevere, and Burewei – the same communities where Palladium’s Australian Government-funded Access to Quality Education Program (AQEP) is helping children attend school.

In coastal towns like these, a fishing boat is a family’s livelihood. Many who are reliant on fishing lost their boats during the cyclone, and replacing them is a quick option to help them earn some income – an especially pressing need.

“Communities affected by Cyclone Winston in declared ground zero coastal communities urgently need livelihood options to help them rebuild,” says Director of FRIEND, Sashi Kiran. “Communities urgently need fishing boats that could take them to reefs for fishing for their livelihood and rebuilding efforts. FRIEND is extremely grateful that Palladium has come forward to assist these communities.”

Palladium worked with volunteers and local partners to provide much- needed relief to 200 village households. Palladium distributed immediate materials including essential shelter construction supplies, tarpaulins, mats, salt, soap, oil, and lentils to four villages in three districts, Kavre, Sindhpalchok, and Okhaldhunga. Assisted with the renovation of schools and building of temporary houses for those who needed immediate aid. Our Urban Governance Team supported the design with local partners for a safe affordable housing project.

Palladium donated AUD 30,000 to CARE Australia for its Pakistan-India Earthquake relief efforts. Around five million people were affected by the massive earthquake, which occurred on 8 October 2005. More than 87,000 people died, and more than 3 million were left without homes. Palladium’s donation will assist CARE in delivering essential supplies, including winterized tents, plastic sheets, blankets, shawls, metal buckets, water storage tanks, woollen jackets and hygeine kits. Following the emergency relief effort, it will also help CARE continue its poverty-fighting work in Pakistan and India.

Palladium donated $30,000 to CARE Australia for its tsunami relief efforts in Southern Asia. CARE Australia helped to provide essential items and services to victims of the Boxing Day earthquake and resulting tsunamis that caused death and devastation across the region. Palladium’s donation will assist CARE’s long term projects aimed at rebuilding affected areas, as well as its immediate relief efforts.