Anastacia Alexandre Chissaque

Community Vaccinator

Village Champion Anastacia


“In the past I witnessed a lot of chicken deaths due to diseases, especially Newcastle disease but since I started vaccinating my chickens there have not been any outbreaks. “

Anastacia is a community vaccinator working in Gaza province of Mozambique with World Vision. She started using the I-2 vaccine to control Newcastle disease in 2005. Initially she had only three chickens but now has more than twenty-three. This number is small because the chickens serve as her source of revenue whenever she needs money to take care of the family, to entertain visitors or for celebrations.

“I was trained on how to do the vaccination by KYEEMA Foundation and now I am vaccinating the chickens of my neighbours”.

When asked about her challenges, she said that she would like to have a bigger house for her birds and something to show that she is authorised by the government to carry out vaccinations. Finally she said she would be glad to receive further training on vaccination for herself and other interested members of the village.