Community vaccinator and poultry farmer


“Now that my chickens are not dying, I can afford to eat 2 chickens per month”.

Caciano is from Mataria village in Ribaué district. He is a father of 8 children.  And he has 3 grandchildren. During a recent vaccination campaign, he vaccinated 2,150 chickens against Newcastle disease (ND).  And he received a small income plus 5 kg of beans for his family. He has been a community vaccinator since 2016.

Since then, his flock has increased by four times its size!  Caciano and his family used to only afford to consume 2 to 3 chickens per year.  And now his family can afford to consume 2 chickens per month! This adds greatly to their food security and improved nutrition.   He was happy to tell us that in 2019 he sold 3 chickens at Easter and was able to pay for his daughter’s baptism celebration.

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