Grace Manai

Agricultural Extension Officer

Grace Manai on TeiTei Farm in Fiji (courtesy our partner SELF).

Papua New Guinea

“I am a ‘land woman’ and work as an Agricultural Extension Officer for the Central Provincial Government. I am working with Kyeema to set up my own breeding flock at home in Param Village in Raba Raba District, Milne Bay Province.”

Rural women in PNG represent the backbone of many communities, but they continue to face obstacles that prevent them from realizing their potential. Kyeema and community partners we have started relationships with over the last couple of years believe that a more readily available local breed village chicken could be a powerful and sustainable means to support female economic and social empowerment and improvement livelihoods in communities generally.  Further impacts could include improved child and household nutrition through the sale and consumption of eggs and chicken meat, in a country where child stunting rates are high due to significant protein insufficiencies.

Grace is leading change in her community and is passionate about tangible outcomes for them.