Master Farmer

Grace Manai on TeiTei Farm in Fiji (courtesy our partner SELF).

Papua New Guinea

“ I am looking forward to planning together to expand our work [with village chickens and coral reef restoration], the first of its’ kind in PNG and the Pacific”.

Kevin is one of the six Master Farmers trained in coral reef gardening, village chicken breeding and rearing, permaculture and community consultation techniques for the project Food security and income for villages through coral reef restoration and village chicken breeding’. Since his training in September 2019, he has set up a successful small village poultry breeding unit and is experimenting with a community coral reef gardening site.

Kevin says that the local breed chicken is good as it has the ability to survive heavy rains and heat, but the chicks still need some extra attention with warmth and good quality feed which, with his training, he has been able to navigate solutions for in his local setting with housing made from local materials and feeds made from locally available crops and household scraps.

Kevin is very happy to have been given the opportunity to train in Fiji and says, “Thank you Kyeema and DFAT for this project.”

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