Professional Volunteer


 Kyeema’s work means giving back to the community around the world that needs our support most. Especially it allows vulnerable communities to thrive. I’m extremely proud to be a part of such a great team.”

Nhi Pham works as a Project Officer for Palladium International in the global finance team and volunteers her time to manage the Kyeema payroll. She is one of our key professional volunteers that make the work of the small Kyeema team manageable. Our corporate volunteer model allows us to achieve high impact in the communities we serve for low administrative costs.

Nhi recently explained what she enjoys most about volunteering for Kyeema.

 I love working with the wide range of staff, experts and volunteers at Kyeema. They are the most inspiring people with great business ideas, strategies and plans that drive Kyeema to be a successful non-for-profit.”

We acknowledge our key corporate partner Palladium International for their support and engagement in achieving Kyeema’s new Strategic Plan 2021-2026.