Mkulima Young consultant

Grace Manai on TeiTei Farm in Fiji (courtesy our partner SELF).

Meet the 2021 Master Trainers


“I enjoy working with the farmers, particularly in helping them to digitize the marketing process and overcome some of the challenges of the middlemen, who exploit farmers by buying their commodities at a cheaper price and selling it at a very high price.”

Meet Tracy Nyawira Mutahi, a Kenyan consultant working with the Mkulima Young (MY) online platform, in partnership with Kyeema Foundation. She is a graduate from Kenyatta University, with a Bachelor of Agriculture Resource Management. She wants to bring change to her community and country in agriculture.

The MY project has provided her a professional development role in which she helps to educate farmers on how to use the platform via mobile app or on the website.

Tracy has been of tremendous help to thousands of farmers who are engaging with the MY platform, by aiding in the establishment of connections among farmers and helping them get more profit for their produce.

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