Youth community vaccinator


“The manure produced by the chickens is not wasted – what can be collected is used as fertiliser on the family crops.”

Victoria is the youngest of over 40 trained community-based vaccinators in Ntchisi district, Malawi.  This training was made possible by Palladium Communities 1st program.  And from individual donations like yours.

She is from Mwangala Village in the hilly and beautiful area of Malipa.  At just 18 years old, she is leading the change in her community.  She lives at home with her four siblings.  Her father runs a small herd of cattle and her mother keeps the family goat. But it is Victoria who owns most of the 15 chickens in their family. She finds raising chickens to be easy and profitable. Additionally, working as a Community vaccinator brings in a small income.  Because of this, she can buy more chickens.  She also uses the income to pay for school fees.  Additionally, she says the chicken manure is not wasted–and is used as fertiliser on the family crops.

Aside from the small income, she believes it is more important that she makes a positive impact in her community.

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