Chickens 4 Africa Photo Competition 2018

Calling all community advocates, photographers, permaculturalists, chicken owners and poultry fanatics!

KYEEMA and the Rural Poultry Centre (RPC) in Malawi are gearing up again to run a fundraising photography competition to raise awareness of the importance of village chickens for rural communities in Africa.

Last year we had some stunning entries, including that by professional photographer and agricultural extension officer Richard Nyoni of Kate Chihana, a 37 year old mother of 5 from Malawi (pictured).

Kate and her husband engage in a number of small-scale trade and farming activities in order to make a living.


“Chickens are the only livestock that I rear” she says.


Chickens have had a positive impact on her livelihood. Ever since Kate started poultry farming, she has had access to protein enriched meals, including eggs, which she also is able to sell. As one way of ensuring that her chickens are not wiped out by Newcastle disease, she periodically vaccinates her local chickens.

“Without the vaccine, my chickens would have been wiped out. Am very grateful to the local vaccinators who come periodically and vaccinate my chickens. I am involved in a number of livelihood options. But chickens are dearest to me” she concluded.

Chickens for Africa 2017 photo entry by Rob Price, Queensland, Australia

Winning photo of Kate Chihana by Richard Nyoni from last year’s Chicken’s for Africa competition.

We are really excited to see what the 2018 entries will be. Share your work with village chickens, snap your quirky backyard chook moments, capture the gravitas behind the humble chook in securing the food and nutrition security for communities globally.

Get creative for a cause!

There will be nominal prizes for the top few entries and the photos will be featured in our Annual Report and on the KYEEMA and RPC websites. Entry is free but we would welcome donations to support our work with rural communities in Malawi and Mozambique. We specifically hope to support a new training program in Malawi for young agricultural extension personnel. Donations are tax deductible for residents of Australia.

Competition closes 30th June 2018.

Winners will be announced in July.

Chickens for Africa 2017 entry by Leo Wiles, Queensland, Australia