Chickens 4 Africa Competition Winners Announced

Winning Entry for Chickens 4 Africa 2018 by Leatita Stroesser from Malawi.

Chickens 4 Africa 2018 2nd prize entry by Juan Pablo Villanueva from Melbourne.

KYEEMA and the Rural Poultry Centre (RPC) in Malawi recently combined forces to run the second annual “Chickens for Africa” photography competition to raise awareness of the importance of village chickens for rural communities in Africa. We are grateful for all the photographs entered and are impressed by the diversity of chicken breeds and situations cleverly captured by photographers from around the world. We are pleased to announce the winning entries.

First place is awarded to Laetitia Stroesser from Malawi for her submission “Vaccination of chickens by a community based vaccinator working for the Basic Services Development Agency (BASEDA)”. Laetitia’s photo beautifully captures the determination and joy surrounding the chicken vaccination projects in Malawi.

Second place is awarded to Juan Pablo Villanueva from Melbourne for his submission “Ayam kampung”, a stunning photo showcasing the Indonesian chicken breed of this name.

Third place is awarded to 12 year old Marla Kohl from Sunshine Coast for her talented composition showing “what happens when a silky bantam mates with a red rooster: a bunch of adorable chicks!”

These and other great photos submitted may be viewed at here.

KYEEMA and the Rural Poultry Centre would like to offer thanks to all the entrants for supporting the competition and donating to support improved nutrition and household income for vulnerable households in rural areas. We raised $6,280 thanks to your support and some generous donors.

Chickens 4 Africa 2018 3rd prize entry by Marla Kohl from Sunshine Coast.