Chickens4Change Photography Competition 2022

We are happy to announce our 6th annual photography competition to raise funds for the work of the Rural Poultry Centre (RPC) in Malawi. RPC focus on improving the nutrition, health and livelihoods of small-scale farmers in rural areas in Malawi through the humble village chicken.

A precious resource for a changing climate and food future

This year, we want to raise awareness of the ‘village chicken’ orc4c backyard chicken as you may know it as. With diverse genetics enabling them to survive in low input free-range systems, these birds are a precious resource for a food and nutrition secure future. They are the cornerstone of our core work in Africa and the Pacific, where rural and coastal communities are facing significant challenges, including high rates of childhood stunting, limited income generating opportunities (particularly for youth) and a changing environment that is limiting agricultural productivity and fish catches. Small-scale chicken keeping is important, especially for communities where food supply chains are regularly disrupted by both environmental and man-made events. By supporting small-scale farmers to source nutritious food locally, we also help to lower the global carbon footprint.

What is it about this year?

We are encouraging photo entries from people raising chickens particularly in Africa and the Pacific, but also from across the globe. Photos should depict backyard chickens in their environment. Show us the chicken coop and run, what people feed their chickens and how they keep them healthy, happy and productive. Photos will be judged on artistic and technical merit and on their connection to the work we do in Malawi, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Kenya, Papua New Guinea and Fiji.

How do I enter?

Submit up to 5 photos through the RPC website here and tell us what benefits chickens bring to their owners and families.

Winning photos will be featured on our website and in our 2021-22 Annual Report. With your permission, we will use them to help promote the important work we do. Entries are free but donations to the work of RPC Malawi are welcome through the secure donation facility on Kyeema’s website: . Your donation will support community-based poultry health workers in Malawi to provide essential Newcastle disease vaccine to small-scale farmers their rural community. Sign up to become a monthly donor to support RPC’s work in Malawi.