Newcastle disease vaccine production and village chicken vaccination programs to address malnutrition in Mozambique

Our aim

The main aim of this program is to expand the number of households vaccinating chickens against Newcastle disease, to produce healthier and larger flocks, and thus encourage more households to consume and sell their chicken and eggs.


With funds from FAO we have most recently worked in Manica, Tete, Zambezia, Nampula and Sofala provinces, from 2014 to 2017, specifically targeting the sustainable development goal 2 (zero hunger). This program also contributes to the SDG goals 8 (decent work and economic growth) and 5 (gender equality) through:

1. Training more vaccinators (including striving for balanced number of females and males);

2. Increasing vaccinator client base (number of households paying to vaccinate their chickens);

3. Increasing the efficiency of service that vaccinators provide (number of chickens vaccinated and reduced vaccine wastage); and

4. Increasing the amount of money vaccinators earn per vaccination campaign.


In 2016-2017, 150 households participated in three campaigns and 481, 337 chickens were vaccinated, with improved participation recorded in each subsequent campaign.

25 extension officers and 182 community vaccinators were trained.

KYEEMA Mozambique

Meet Camillo Nhyabonga and his family from one of the communities we work with in Mozambique. He explains the impact of Newcastle disease vaccination programs on his life. 


Decreased chicken mortality

Increased availability of chicken meat, eggs and income from chicken and egg sales which can be spent on more diverse food and other immediate needs for the household.

Improved income generation in community vaccinators.

Women’s empowerment through increased income earning potential with a sustainable small business solution.


Sustainability is achieved through the ongoing work of the community vaccinators, who will continue to benefit from the income received through payments from households for using their vaccination services. 

We are currently pursuing new funding streams and enterprises to continue to support sustainable Newcastle disease control for improved nutrition in Mozambique.