Newcastle disease in poultry

What is Newcastle disease?

Newcastle disease (ND) has been identified as one of the major constraints to village poultry production in Africa and Asia.

Tanzania ND control

What does it do?

Outbreaks generally peak during the dry season, killing 50 to 100% of the standing flock.

Signs of Newcastle disease

Is there a way it can be prevented?

It can be prevented by an effective thermotolerant vaccination that was developed and tested by KYEEMA founders.

Newcastle disease vaccination KYEEMA

We are supporting food security through the sustainable control of Newcastle disease.

This is done by supporting:

The production of quality assured Newcastle disease vaccine;

Enhanced laboratory diagnostic capability;

The delivery of cost-effective surveillance; and

The implementation of vaccination programs for rural poultry.

Join Dr Robyn Alders of KYEEMA as she takes you on the Newcastle ND journey with farmers in Tanzania.