Humanitarian Response to Cyclone Sitrang in Bangladesh

In December 2022, Cyclone Sitrang caused widespread destruction along the Southern Coastline of Bangladesh, particularly impacting Southwestern Chattogram. The cyclone forced the evacuation of approximately a million people and tragically claimed at least 35 lives, leaving over 20,000 homes damaged in its wake.

Among the severely affected were the fisherman community in Bandartila Beribandh Jelepara, already grappling with poverty and heavily reliant on fishing for sustenance. The cyclone’s fury left them devastated, destroying homes and shattering livelihoods as boats and fishing equipment were damaged or lost.

Responding to this crisis, the Participatory Development Action Program (PDAP), a women-based development organization in Bangladesh specializing in disaster management, has partnered with Kyeema  with funding from the Humanitarian Relief Fund. Their objective was clear: to provide vital assistance to the families of Bandartila Beribandh Jelepara. PDAP’s efforts were focused on rebuilding and repairing homes, as well as replacing or repairing fishing equipment, while also ensuring families received essential supplies like food and clothing.

Humanitarian Relief Bangladesh

One such family profoundly impacted by the cyclone was that of Josna Jaladas, residing in the coastal area of Beribadh Jelepara in Chittagong. Alongside her husband Nickel and their two children, Josna faced the harsh reality of losing their home and means of livelihood. With Nickel’s income from deep-sea fishing their sole source of income, the loss of their boat and equipment left them in a difficult position. Forced to rent a small house, their financial burdens multiplied.

However, thanks to the collective efforts of PDAP, the Sopnil Bright Foundation, and the generous funding from the Palladium Humanitarian Relief Fund, Josna and her family were among those provided with the crucial financial support needed to rebuild their home. This support has been life-changing, providing them with a secure roof over their heads and alleviating the financial strain of paying rent or facing conflicts with landlords. Josna expressed profound gratitude for the funding, explaining how the stability of a home having has significantly improved her family’s financial, physical, and mental well-being.

Humanitarian Relief Fund - Bangladesh Cyclone Sitrang

Josna’s house after Cyclone Sitrang. Source: Participatory Development Action Program

Humanitarian Relief Fund Bangladesh Cyclone Sitrang
Humanitarian Relief Fund Bangladesh Cyclone Sitrang

Josna and her family with their new home. Source: Participatory Development Action Program

This transformative assistance, which has brought hope and stability to families like Josna’s, was made possible through the generous funding provided by Palladium through the Humanitarian Relief Fund.

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