Update on Kyeema Champion Kevin

Lakwaharu Coral Nursery in Bootless Bay PNG’s Central Province.

This month Kyeema Foundation would like to acknowledge our master coral gardener Kevin Egu. Kevin works tirelessly on the reef restoration program in Papua New Guinea (PNG). He is a young PNG man who is actively contributing to restoring the local ecosystem in this time of climate change challenge. He has set up Lakwaharu Coral to monitor and evaluate the ecosystem in deteriorated reefs along local coastal villages in Central Province.

Kevin initially became interested in coral gardening while assisting his cousin to undertake trials in their village in Tubusereia. Through these trials he developed a real passion for the ocean and its ecosystem. He was fortunate to be sponsored by Kyeema Foundation to attend relevant training in Fiji. Since returning from Fiji, Kevin has established several coral nurseries in the Bootless bay area near his village. He works closely with the Tubusereia Local Level Government (LLG) Councillor and engages the village community and his family members by involving them in scoping, community consultation and the setting up of coral nurseries.

Kevin is a young man who is always working on expanding his skills and knowledge. He conducts online research to understand corals and marine systems to keep up to date with similar work currently happening globally. With his current skill set of digital literacy, welding and fabrication technical skills, he confidently carries out his coral gardening work. He diligently provides monthly reports and monitoring and evaluation data to Kyeema in Brisbane. His vision is to reinvigorate the local ecosystems, bringing back the beauty of corals and fish numbers so future generations can enjoy.

Above is a video Kevin compiled using a basic water camera and free apps. If you like what you see, please like and subscribe to follow his work on YouTube.

Kevin is grateful for the financial support provided by Kyeema Foundation and DFAT Australia. The funds he receives are used to purchase necessary materials and equipment and support ongoing training for PNG local villagers to take up this program.

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