Lizzie Jamu

Community vaccinator

Lizzie Jam with some of the chickens she has vaccinated.


“The vaccination work gives me an income so I can afford some of the basics like food and consumables. At times I have extra cash to put into a local village bank m’khonde’ (savings scheme). I own over 20 chickens, which is more than most households here. I also use chicken manure on my small plot to reduce dependence on expensive fertilisers”.

With two daughters in primary school, Lizzie Jamu is one of the many single mums in Malawi who are seeking better ways to make ends meet. Lizzie has been with the Rural Poultry Centre since the start of our work in Ntchisi in 2104. She is now amongst our most accomplished community-based vaccinators and wants not just to continue but to expand. She told us that is possible. Chicken owners in hers and surrounding villages see the benefits of vaccination so she is optimistic that she can reach more households.