Introducing ‘Mkulima Young’ online marketplace 

A new partnership for Kyeema Foundation (KYEEMA) in 2019

Mkulima Young (MY) or “Young Farmer” in English, is a successful agricultural online platform in Kenya and East Africa, with over 130,000 social media followers and around 20,000 registered users. The MY platform provides digital agricultural marketing and advisory services to small-scale farmers and links consumers interested in supporting local farmers. It aims to attract young people back into the business of farming, by improving their earning potential.

This year MY and KYEEMA are partnering to improve smallholders’ agricultural productivity, sustainability, market access and information through the MY digital platform. The project also aims to enhance the functionalities of the platform, including use of data for marketing analysis and better decision-making power for farmers.

The traditional African marketplace or ‘soko’ moved online

Young people in Africa are more connected through digital technology than ever before and digital innovation in agriculture has enormous potential to reduce poverty. The common barrier to profitability and sustainability of small-scale farming is the low bargaining power of smallholder farmers. MY is dedicated to providing a mechanism where farmers deal directly with buyers, hence improving productivity whilst at the same time reaching a wider market to sell their produce. KYEEMA is particularly interested in the livelihoods impact of the platform in relation to promoting better village poultry production and marketing of local breed chickens and eggs, which are an invaluable local food resource for addressing unacceptably high rates of malnutrition and childhood stunting.

Our Goal in 2019

We hope to grow the number of registered users on the platform three-fold in 2019. Thanks to funding from the Australian High Commission in Nairobi, we will be able to build on the platform to make it more accessible to users in East Africa. We hope that the outcomes from this activity will inform policy development on big data applications, particularly in agricultural marketing.

For more information contact:

Joseph Macharia (Founder, Mkulima Young)

+254 710 848002/  

Eliza Smith (Program Manager, KYEEMA)


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