• Our work with the Mkulima Young platform


With support from the Australian High Commission in Nairobi’s Direct Aid Program, we are working with our Kenyan partner ACLECOPS (the developer of the platform Mkulima Young), to upgrade the functionality of the platform and promote it to new users in Kenya and now in Uganda.

In Uganda, farmers have received the platform with great enthusiasm. We have managed to recruit many new active users there, which is evidenced by the flourishing ‘soko’ or marketplace with many Ugandan products being sold in Ugandan shillings. We also have some great stories of successful transactions made by Ugandan farmers, some in the Eastern region who have sold to Kenyan buyers across the border.

The platform stands out among other farming applications in the region as it is free to use, the sign up process is easy, and it specifically addresses the widespread problem for farmers here of finding a market for their products.

Uganda country snapshot

Kenya country snapshot

With thanks to our partner

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