Pre-test of Newcastle disease Master Trainer modules in Nigeria

Sustainability was the theme of two Newcastle disease (ND) workshops conducted in Nigeria in October 2019. 23 veterinarians and animal scientists from eleven Member States of the African Union gathered to pre-test the technical content of modules from two ND control training curricula for Master Trainers: Laboratory diagnosis of Newcastle disease, and Newcastle disease prevention and control in the field

The curricula and training modules were designed and developed by a team of eight expert Master Trainers, in collaboration with the African Union Pan African Veterinary Vaccine Centre (AU-PANVAC) and KYEEMA. The technical content of the third of the ND control curricula, Vaccine Production and Quality assurance, was pre-tested last November in Ethiopia.

Each workshop was conducted over five days and comprised country presentations, group discussions and practical demonstrations. The experts were guided by Prof. Ayayi Fogan Bona Ayih-Akakpo, Drs Nick Nwankpa, Mary Young, Rosa da Costa, Joannis Tony Bala and Halifa Msami. The workshop provided an excellent opportunity for networking and sharing of challenges associated with diagnosis and control of disease of village chickens, particularly ND. 

It is widely recognised that ND is one of the major constraints to village poultry production in Africa. While vaccination is a key tool in the control of ND, it is costly, complex and challenging to implement effective, sustainable vaccination programs and relies on the timely implementation of activities by well-trained and appropriately resourced personnel. The ND control Master Trainer curricula are a major tool and will form the framework for the control of ND and improvement of village chicken production in Africa. 

The event was organised and funded by AU-PANVAC, in collaboration with KYEEMA who received funding from the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program. We are very grateful to all who contributed to the success of the two workshops.