Palladium Challenge Fund Recipients 2021

Challenge Fund recipient

This month we are very pleased to announce the winning recipients of Palladium’s 2021 Challenge Fund.  This year, the theme is Valuing Nature.

We asked – how can you make protecting nature more attractive as an economic pursuit than destroying it?

This is how our winning recipients answered:

The Oyster Heaven project will develop and sustain innovative technology that kick start the regeneration of lost Oyster reefs in the North Sea, providing a valuable means of sequestering carbon, nitrogen and phosphates.

The Nakau Programme will help establish the world’s first island-scale carbon market, supporting local Vanuatu landowners to create sustainable business models.

The Rebalance Earth project will develop a blockchain platform that allows local Gabon households to purchase ecosystem services- starting with forest elephants.

Read more about the activities here.

We look forward to supporting these organisations in developing their innovative technologies and reporting on their impact for building the health and prosperity of communities and their environments in 2022 and beyond.

We thank our partner Palladium, who directly finance and volunteer staff time to support the Challenge Fund grants program.