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Join thousands of Australians asking to stop the $224 million scheduled cut to Australian Aid



This month KYEEMA is helping spread the word for the #StopTheClock campaign before the May federal budget release.

As time ticks down to the federal budget, your tweet will be vital in stopping our country from becoming the least generous we’ve ever been.

One third of the aid budget has been cut in the past two years. So this next scheduled cut will mean further deep cuts for some of the poorest people in the world – cuts to immunisation, schooling, healthcare, and clean water programs that are helping people in poor countries become strong.

If we’re going to stop this cut, time is of the essence. Help us out by sharing our campaign on Facebook or Twitter. When you share it with your friends and family, you will be increasing our chances of stopping this cut for good.

If you didn’t catch our earlier posted blog, read here why we back the Campaign For Australian Aid.