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Rosa explains why she is for Australian Aid


KYEEMA is proud to be featured on the latest Campaign for Australian Aid short features.

Our African Regional Manager Rosa Costa also explains how KYEEMA is benefiting local communities.  Our Village Champion Camillo also explains how KYEEMA continues to facilitate a simple yet innovative way of improving the health of family farmed chickens,  helping 1.5 million families like him transition out of poverty.

Pledge your Vote for a #FairerWorld http://australianaid.org/pledge and give more people like Camillo a fair go

Order an Entertainment™ Book and support KYEEMA Foundation

Entertainment book

This year KYEEMA Foundation (https://kyeemafoundation.org) is selling the Australian 2016/17 Entertainment Book (or Smartphone version) as a fund-raiser. If you don’t already buy this through a charity of choice, or if you have never bought it before, it’s a great discount book and a great fund-raiser for KYEEMA!


It costs $65 and KYEEMA Foundation retains 20% of the price of every Membership sold which goes towards our fundraising!


The funds raised go towards supporting rural women and children by supporting family poultry programs in Africa (https://kyeemafoundation.org/explore-our-work/)


Order now: www.entbook.com.au/9275e38

The new 2016 | 2017 Entertainment Books are coming soon! Order your new 2016|2017 Entertainment ™  Membership today to receive up to $195 in Early Bird Offers.


Choose from the traditional Entertainment™ Book or the NEW Entertainment™ Digital Membership, which puts the value of the Book into your iPhone or Android smartphone!

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