The Power of Poultry

Mozambique is one of the most disaster-prone countries in Africa. It is highly vulnerable to extreme climatic conditions which destroy infrastructure and restrict economic growth, hindering efforts to achieve environmental sustainability and to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.

In the last week of our #runCeliarun campaign, the northern provinces of Mozambique have been hit by a tropical depression which brought heavy rains and flooding. Tens of thousands of people have been affected and humanitarian agencies are providing food support and vouchers for asset creation to 37,000 people at last count. The most vulnerable populations, including children under the age of five, pregnant and breastfeeding women, women of child bearing age and people living with HIV, are a priority.

 Mozambique Quick Facts

Population 28.8 million
42.3% children <5yrs are stunted
80% of people cannot afford an adequate diet
1.8 million living with HIV (2016)
54.7% national poverty rate

Our work
Over the years our dedicated team in Mozambique have reached 162,650 households in 8 out of10 provinces. We work to improve people’s food and nutrition security, and alleviate poverty through access to larger, healthier household village chicken flocks.

Why chickens?
They are one of the few natural capital assets owned by people, especially women, who live on or below the poverty line. They are in a unique position, providing high quality nutrition, food security, income and social capital, at minimal cost, to the most vulnerable households.

Chickens are the most democratic and popular livestock because all members of the household – even children – can own them. They have minimum care requirements, require no land ownership and require low resource inputs, which is important for people on very low incomes, those living with a disability or those affected by a chronic illness such as HIV and AIDs. They are accessible to people living in remote areas and to disadvantaged cultural groups. They are also very transportable and easy to keep safe in periods of heavy rainfall and flooding.

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Our programs support the most vulnerable groups in communities and can make a real difference to their resilience in hard times like this.

This is what Celia is running for – come rain, hail or shine….and very long distances.