Executive Message From Our New Chair

Sinead Magill Headshot

Sinead Magill


As Chair of Kyeema, I’m proud of the amazing work of our team. I took on the Chair at a time of change for Kyeema as we finalised and then implemented our new strategic plan. I am pleased to see the plan bearing fruit, enabling us to enhance the impact we deliver worldwide.

In the past year Kyeema has continued the work forwhich it was incepted 20 years ago: improving the nutrition and livelhoods of marginalised communities by delivering safe and potent thermotolerant livestock vaccines and giving communities the skills to deliver the vaccine themselves. This remains effective in protecting their livestock as a source of protein and alternative income. But importantly Kyeema has also grown in scope and reach to encompass a much greater range of partnerships and services to communities. Kyeema’s approach to One Health and One Welfare has seen involvement in activities as far ranging as standalone incubators being placed into war-torn Ukraine to the empowerment of female entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. We have reopened the Membership of the organisation and welcome our new Members (listed below).

We are renewing our Directorships and building on the Kyeema approach of using years of intelligent development experience to find and grow partners that work directly on community issues and provide significant economic benefits for small-scale producers. I want to add my thanks to donors and partners as well as my fellow Directors, Members, and the Kyeema team. I also want to take the opportunity to thank departing Director Chris Lee for his strategic insight and contributions to the Board. Chris is replaced on the Board by former CEO and active volunteer Celia Grenning and we welcome Celia’s passion and experience to the Board table.

Of course the changes in Kyeema this past year provide us the opportunity at this point to honour the exceptional career and contribution of Dr. Robyn Alders, AO. Robyn’s tireless dedication to Kyeema and her work in One Health has had a profound impact on global health, agriculture, and community development. Robyn has been an integral part of the Kyeema Foundation’s journey from inception in 2003 and she still provides technical consulting services through her work in Burkina Faso as well as being a trusted guru for the whole technical team. Robyn’s vision and unwavering commitment to improving the lives of vulnerable communities, particularly through sustainable poultry production, have been at the heart of Kyeema’s mission. Her ability to bridge the gap between scientific expertise and practical, community-driven solutions has empowered countless individuals to take control of their poultry resources, improve food security, and attain economic self-sufficiency. Dr. Alders has not only been an advocate for smallholder poultry production but also an ardent supporter of biosecurity, One Health, and preparedness and response. Her expertise in this field has helped protect both human and animal populations from potential pandemics, underscoring the critical link between animal and human health. In this  report, we celebrate Dr. Alders not only for her personal achievements but also for the transformative role she has played within the Kyeema Foundation. Her legacy will continue to shape the future of community-based poultry programs, sustainable agriculture, and global health for years to come.