The Kyeema Foundation Board in 2022-23

Sinéad Magill

Chair – appointed in December 2022

sinead magill

Kim Bredhauer


Dr Rosa Costa


Rosa Costa

Dr. Stewart Routledge, AO


Stewart Routledge

Elizabeth Godo


Fergus Smith


Fergus Smith

Celia Grenning

Director – appointed in January 2023

Celia Grenning KYEEMA

Chris Lee

Director – retired in January 2023

Chris Lee

Dr. Robyn Alders, AO

Chair – Retired in December 2022

Robyn Alders

Kyeema Foundation Members

The following new Members are supporting Kyeema in our Mission through their time, connections, and in some cases financial contribution.

Jabulani Nyenwa, Janine Griffiths, Joost Verwilghen, Joyce Onguglo, Mary Young, Nick Clinch, Pat Boland, Joe Ichter, Rachel White, Ricardo Michel, Robert Le Busque, John Copland, Robyn Alders, Chris Lee.

Sub-committees of the Board

The three Board Sub-committees meet three times a year prior to each Board meeting in order to improve organisational governance structure and outcomes.

The Strategic Planning (SP) Sub-committee comprised Elizabeth Godo (Chair), Aysegul Kayahan, Kim Bredhauer and Eliza Smith, leads the implementation of our 2021–2026 Strategic Plan and makes recommendations for areas in which we need to focus as an organisation in order to achieve our goals and create an environment that is reflective of our organisational values.

The Finance, Audit and Risk Management (FARM) Sub-committee comprised Fergus Smith (Chair), Kim Bredhauer, Celia Grenning and Stewart Routledge, oversees the checks and balances we have in place for managing our fundraising and expenditure, monitors organisation risk and acts to ensure that our organisation continues to be sustainable.

The Project Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) Sub-committee comprising Pat Boland (interim Chair), Sinéad Magill, Rosa Costa, Joyce Onguglo and Stewart Routledge oversees the selection of all new Kyeema projects and reviews our monitoring, evaluation and learning activities across our projects.

We sincerely thank our Board and Sub-committees, who are all volunteers, for their guidance and direction over the past year.

We are a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profit Commission (ACNC).

We are also a member of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID).

We are an Australian accredited NGO to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

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