Africa 2021-22

Africa continues to be the focus region for our portfolio programs, in particular for our core programs in Mozambique, Malawi and Ethiopia. We also have small project activities in Tanzania, Ghana and Kenya. In the core programs, we prioritise outcomes for nutrition, health and livelihoods through improved animal health delivery, using community-based animal health worker models in the smallholder chicken value chain. Through our projects in 2021-22, we have trialled new public-private partnership vaccine distribution models, supported new business opportunities targeting female farmers, contributed to research for improved productive capacity of native breeds, piloted development of video training resources to be scaled, and engaged people working in animal health at national, provincial and community level as well as in academia.

The Pacific 2021-22

The Pacific is growing as a portfolio program region with activities in PNG and Fiji initially. Growth is primarily through our involvement with the Climate Resilient by Nature program: an Australian Government initiative, in partnership with WWF-Australia, advancing high-integrity, equitable nature-based solutions to climate change in the Indo-Pacific. Through this program and others we are prioritising supporting communities to become more resilient in the face of a rapidly changing climate and environment – building a native chicken value chain for improved local nutrition and livelihoods as an alternative to fishing whilst local marine protected areas are established and coral reef and mangrove forests are rehabilitated. Through our projects in 2021-22, we have supported Master Farmers in PNG to:

1) build their flocks using local resources to supply an anticipated growing native chicken market; and

2) conduct training for women and men in improved native chicken keeping at household level.

We have also worked with Corals4Conservation to engage with stakeholders throughout the Pacific to scale the coral reef restoration-native chicken alternative livelihoods model as a nature-based solution with positive outcomes for people and the environment.

Global Funds for Impact 2021-22

In 2020, Kyeema officially partnered with Palladium who donate 1.5% of the company profit before tax for direct financial support for projects across the globe. Initiatives administered and managed by and through Kyeema benefit from our established track record as a trusted NGO, combined with Palladium’s footprint, resources and expertise. Our partnership with Palladium has informed the expansion of Kyeema’s strategic focus areas to include the scope of activities funded under the ‘Our Communities’, ‘Humanitarian Relief’ and ‘Challenge’ funds. In 2021-2022, Palladium donations supported projects across the globe to tackle poverty, environmental degradation and develop innovative and inclusive solutions to problems communities are facing. A key pillar of these funds is to build more resilient communities. 13 projects were funded in 12 countries (Afghanistan, Australia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Malawi, Moldova, the Netherlands, Tanzania, United Kingdom, USA, Vanuatu) this year to: improve reliable local access to nutrient-dense food; reduce the risk of high burden disease; implement regenerative local practices that decrease vulnerability to climate change; enable increased participation of women and girls; and set systems in place to prepare for disasters, to name a few.

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