• Pilot of Master Trainer courses to improve the value chain of Newcastle disease control

This project is working with the African Union Pan African Veterinary Vaccine Centre (AU-PANVAC) to strengthen the capacity of African countries to control Newcastle disease (ND) in village chickens, in order to improve food and nutrition security through increased access to affordable and nutritious protein for poorer rural families.

Results of this project will demonstrate proof of concept for expansion of the activities across other AU Member States (MS). Once proof of concept is demonstrated, the Master Trainer training program will be made available to all AU MS wishing to expand ND control activities. The establishment of AU-endorsed Master Trainers will facilitate the increase in effective and efficient ND control personnel operating in participating countries and decrease or eliminate the need for external support.

The project is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

Where: African Union Member States, based in Ethiopia

Status: Ongoing (started July 2019)

Supported by: AU-PANVAC; ANCP DFAT

What are we doing?

1. Pre-test Master Trainer curriculum and modules

2. Train National Master Trainers from participating AU Member States

3. Undertake action-based research and training activities that will be used to design successful and sustainable ND vaccination programs for smallholder/village chicken production in Ethiopia

4. Monitor NDCS activities, using baseline information, progress reports and assessments of in-country activities to determine effectiveness.

More importantly, why?

Sustainable ND programs for smallholder / village chicken production in Ethiopia

Curricula rolled out across African Union Member States

Increased knowledge and capacity to implement ND control programs

Will this work contribute to ongoing change?

This project has been designed to contribute to sustainable ND control through the use of participatory approaches and strengthening the exchange of information and ideas between organisations, national ministries, in-country departments and village chicken producers.

We are also measuring our outcomes against indicators set out for the specific globally recognised sustainable development goals for 2030.


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