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Kyeema working with VETAID East Africa

VETAID uses a One Health approach to help vulnerable communities in Narok county with food and nutrition security and poverty reduction. They undertake a range of activities, including:
⦁ distribution of goats and chickens;
⦁ animal health and crop production training;
⦁ animal vaccination campaigns including vaccination of village chickens against Newcastle disease (ND);
⦁ supporting small business initiatives like bead work and dairy production; and
⦁ providing water sources.

Kyeema will be assisting VETAID to adapt training modules for ND control for village chickens to an e-learning environment and to pilot these modules with community groups. Together, we hope to improve and expand community ND control activities in Narok county.


Narok county, Kenya


Ongoing, started March 2021

Supported by:

DFAT Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP)

About AU-PANVAC Program

This activity is part of a wider project supported by the Australian government’s NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP), in collaboration with the African Union Pan African Veterinary Vaccine Centre (AU-PANVAC). The project seeks to improve AU Member States’ (MS) capacity to sustainably control ND in village chickens, using e-learning modules at different animal health worker levels.

What are we doing?

  • Supporting the training of male and female vaccinators to conduct ND vaccination campaigns and become local poultry health experts in their communities.
  • Providing technological support for vaccination campaigns.
  • Piloting the production and use of e-learning tools for vaccinators using smartphones to facilitate improved poultry health and production at household level.

More importantly, why?

We aim to facilitate sustainable ND control in the Narok region in Kenya. This will hopefully have flow on effects for income generation opportunities and food and nutrition security in the region.

How will this work contribute to ongoing change?

As part of our new partnership with VETAID East Africa we are supporting their evolving organizational capacity with training in policies and procedures developed for Safeguarding, Gender-Equity and Disability Inclusion, and Environmental Protection.

We are also providing an opportunity for a female early career animal health professional in Kenya to 1) lead smallholder farmers/community animal health workers to improve business opportunities; and 2) train in development and delivery of e-learning tools.

SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth
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Kyeema Foundation and VETAID East Africa acknowledge the support of the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

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