• Village Poultry for Better Livelihoods in Malawi

This project aims to improve food and nutrition security and overall livelihoods through the establishment of a sustainable community-based program for improved production and health in village poultry. 

It expands on the previous work implemented by the Rural Poultry Centre (RPC) in Ntchisi, which led to a significant decrease in losses of village chickens due to Newcastle disease, impacting positively on the livelihoods of 38,428 households.

Kyeema Foundation and the RPC acknowledge the support of the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

Where: Malawi – Mchinji, Dowa East and Salima

Status: Ongoing (started August 2019)

Supported by: ANCP DFAT

Partner: Rural Poultry Centre

What are we doing?

1. Training  Community Based Poultry Workers to reach 10,000 rural households;

2. Establishing linked community based poultry coordinators;

3. Developing training modules for improved village poultry for livelihoods;

4. Facilitating a sustained program for community based services and regular vaccination against Newcastle disease for at least 60,000 village poultry.

5. Supporting the production of the ND I-2 vaccine at the Central Government Laboratory to improve consistency of supply.

Vaccinators trained and equipped in Dowa East in 2022. Photo credit: Pat Boland, Rural Poultry Centre Malawi.

More importantly, why?

Decreased losses of village poultry from Newcastle disease

Improved nutrition through increased consumption of poultry meat and eggs

Increased income from the sale of poultry and/or eggs/poultry services

Increased production of chicken manure used on crops and vegetable gardens

Increased production (numbers) of village poultry in targeted villages

Increased knowledge and confidence of women trained

Will this work contribute to ongoing change?

Sustainability is achieved through the ongoing work of the community vaccinators, who will continue to benefit from the income received through payments from households for using their vaccination services.

Kyeeema and RPC are also working with Malawi government partners to ensure they play an enabling role for long-term success.

We are also measuring our outcomes against indicators set out for the specific globally recognised sustainable development goals for 2030.

Our partner in Malawi

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