Improving Village Chicken Productivity for Increasing Income and Food Security in Tanzania and Mozambique

KYEEMA leads the activities in Mozambique. 

Through CCARDESA by the European Union, World Bank

This project is a collaboration between the Tanzanian Livestock Research Institute and KYEEMA Foundation and is funded by the Centre for Coordination of Agricultural Research and Development for Southern Africa (CCARDESA). CCARDESA is a collaboration of South African Development Community (SADC) members and the European Union (EU) as part of the 10th European Development Fund commitment to create a conducive environment to support agricultural research and development.

The aim of the project is to improve productivity of village chickens that will contribute to household food security and income generation through use of thermotolerant I-2 vaccine, brooding and feeding technologies. The project will be conducted in Mtwara region in Tanzania and Gaza province in Mozambique.

The main target group of the project is small scale farmers keeping local chickens, especially women and youth.

 Local chicken production will be addressed with a focus on chicken health, nutrition and management.

The project commenced in mid-2015 with inception meetings, selection of sites and farmers, project awareness, baseline surveys, trainings and implementation of vaccination programs.