A Huge Thanks to Faith Considine, KYEEMA Intern

We have been delighted to have Faith Considine as our intern here at Kyeema Foundation (KYEEMA) over the past six months. Faith is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Business/ International Relations, majoring in Global Business and Diplomacy, at Bond University.

In the future she hopes to be working in international development. Her love of cooking and gardening underlies her career path choice, where she can be part of ensuring food and nutrition security globally, with an emphasis on sustainable practices.

“I have worked at a local farm for the past five years, which has sparked my interest in sustainable agricultural practices and how we can feed ourselves while leaving plenty for future generations!”

As such, interning at KYEEMA was a natural choice for Faith.

“I love the fact that Kyeema Foundation has a no-nonsense approach to development. KYEEMA’s village poultry projects are simple in execution and have such a broad impact on the wellbeing and livelihoods of disadvantaged communities.”

Faith has made a really valuable contribution to our organisation in this Chinese Year of the Rooster – one of major transition for us. She has helped to develop project proposals and a communications strategy, prepared social media content, and generated fundraising ideas. She has also put considerable effort into examining how we can better validate how our impact aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – an important part of our project monitoring and evaluation going forward.

Faith is a delight to work with and we look forward to watching her developing career unfold. After graduation, her plans are to travel throughout South America, the Pacific Islands and South East Asia to live with indigenous communities and learn from them.

Faith Considine KYEEMA

“I believe indigenous communities hold a wealth of knowledge as to how best to farm the land, prepare our food and to look after our earth. I therefore hope to be travelling and working with Indigenous communities to assist in implementing their knowledge”.

We think this is a wonderful career quest – perfectly aligned with our vision and mission of empowerment for vulnerable communities using local solutions. We hope it is a long and fulfilling one.

“I absolutely enjoy interning for KYEEMA! I have been given numerous opportunities and have been able to further develop my skills necessary for a career in development.”

We thank Faith for the time, talent and new perspective she brings to our organisation.