“Time to Fly” for Families in Mozambique. 


Our CEO is covering 317km, in 7 days to raise $7000 for KYEEMA!

When?  From 25th February – 3rd March 2018 , join us for the event on Facebook @kyeemadawn.

Where? From the base of New Zealand’s highest mountain to the shores of the Pacific at: https://www.alps2oceanultra.com/


Our CEO Celia Grenning is a little bit crazy! “Kuku” some would say! She will be walking/running the Alps to Ocean Ultra, starting this February the 25th, over 7 days to raise funds for our village poultry project in Mozambique.

How exactly will the money be spent?

With our target of $7,000, we will help around 220 poorer families to become more food secure and improve their livelihoods by increasing the availability of 1) vital protein from chicken meat and eggs and 2) extra household income from chicken and egg sales, which can be spent on more diverse food and other immediate needs like medicines and school fees.

Specifically we will:

  • Purchase local breed chickens to supply households without chickens.
  • Target households comprising of women, orphans and vulnerable children, and HIV and AIDS affected people.
  • Train beneficiaries on how to build chicken houses, use local feed, and basic disease control.
  • Train community vaccinators to operate their own small business vaccinating household birds against Newcastle disease – the disease that wipes out flocks every year.
  • Implement vaccination campaigns 3 times a year in consultation with vaccinators, district services and community leaders.

About the project

The funds raised will go towards supplying and promoting healthy and happy village chickens in resource poor households in Marracuene district, Mozambique. Chickens are generally owned and managed by women and children and can play an important role as they provide the women with additional resources to carry out their important task of supporting sick family members.

Our current Newcastle disease vaccination program in the district involves around 2,000 households, but there are many more families who have no livestock at all. They would also benefit if we were able to provide them with a “starter kit” of three chickens and a rooster, and teach them basic chicken husbandry skills.

Our dedicated team in Mozambique have been working hard to expand the reach of the Newcastle disease vaccination program for village chickens. Since2006, they have reached over 162,650 families in 8 of the 10 provinces.

We love our CEO!

In her words, Celia believes she has had a lucky life. Born in rural Malaysia, as a child she experienced a unique upbringing which has served her well later in life. From 1993-2000, she worked for the Australian government Aid program in Africa, where she first learnt about the village chicken vaccination work in Mozambique that was being trialled by the Australian government, using a vaccine developed at the University of Queensland.

The vaccine being trialled, called I-2, was against a disease called Newcastle disease, which can kill 50-100% of village chickens every time there is an outbreak, which happens almost every year and sometimes more than once a year. Village chickens are called “petty cash on legs” in Mozambique, so to see your piggy bank being lost and having no cash reserves is a huge blow to poorer households with no other livestock to rely on. She saw firsthand just how effective this one simple act was in helping to improve the livelihoods of rural households in Mozambique.

Celia was fortunate enough to be involved in setting up KYEEMA in 2003 to expand on the Australian government work in Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia, Angola and several other African countries. She was working in her “spare time” around a full-time job (also managing Australian government aid projects!) to keep the village chicken work going. In mid-2015, she “retired” so that she could dedicate more time to KYEEMA and the village chicken work. And to doing crazy things like attempting to run 317km over New Zealand hills in 7 days!


$31.70 = 10c/km to help 1 family 

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$95.10 = 30c/km to help 3 families

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$317 = $1/km to help 10 families

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$951 = $3/km to help over 30 families

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$3,170 – $10/km to help 100 families

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EXCITING NEWS! We are happy to announce that Kyeema Foundation is partnering with the Australian Festival of African Film (AFAF) to bring the festival to Brisbane in May 2018. As a thank you for generous donations we are giving away VIP tickets and promotional space for your business at the festival.