Bula Vinaka! 

My name is Tahereh Novruzi Parker.

I am currently working as an Agriculture Training Officer in Suva, Fiji, with the NGO Homes of Hope (HoH) through the Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID) program – an initiative of the Australian Government. My assignment is linked to KYEEMA Foundation which is the Australian Partner Organisation providing advice and support to the work that I do at HOH.

As an Agricultural Training Officer, I am focusing on capacity building with farm management skills.

I have been training staff and single mothers and helping them to develop hands-on skills for income generating projects such as establishing a free range chicken broiler farm and sustainable, organic agriculture techniques. Other activities include developing resources to support vegetable gardens, fruit culture, crop rotation, how to prepare compost and other income generating pursuits. It is hoped this work will encourage the women in the residential program to develop their own small businesses when they return to their communities after completing the residential program on the HoH campus. Ultimately, the goal of this assignment is to empower women’s economic independence.

I would like to thank KYEEMA, who have been very supportive of my work from the start by providing relevant information I needed and have kept in regular contact via Skype and email.


HoH operates a residential campus in Suva. This program offers a three-pronged approach to helping women: rescuing them from their current situation and bringing them to the campus, restoring them to wholeness and reintegrating them back into society. On campus, mothers go through three threads of learning: mothering, inner life and financial independence. As part of financial independence, women learn business skills and gain business acumen.