KYEEMA associate and One Health advocate selected to work with the United States Congress

Dr. Deborah Thomson, DVM, a previous KYEEMA academic associate, has been chosen to be the 2019-2020 American Veterinary Medical Association’s Congressional Science and Technology Policy Fellow.  

While in Washington, DC, she will be representing the veterinary profession as a scientific advisor to one or more members of Congress.  She will be helping cultivate scientifically sound public policies that are expected to have far-reaching effects. 

While working on a KYEEMA-sponsored research project in 2010 in Tanzania, investigating emerging poultry diseases, Dr. Thomson developed an interest in the One Health approach. She was evaluating various environmental factors and their effects on animal (and, indirectly, human) health.  Since then, she has had a passion for One Health (the collaboration of people working with the environment as well as animal and human health). 

After graduation from Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in the United States, she worked as a clinician and has created One Health lessons for primary schools.  The goal of these lessons is to inspire young people to respect the environment as it influences human and animal health.  She adapts these lessons to meet various cultural needs around the world.  The response in the classroom has been very positive and she hopes to create a global One Health educational movement.  But first, Dr. Thomson aims to promote One Health efforts as well as its education in Washington, DC.