Along with donations from the sale of Nali sauce, KYEEMA Foundation has received funding from Palladium (formerly GRM International) through its Communities First program to support NRPC activities in Malawi. The NRPC assists in creating employment opportunities and improved income for individuals in the family poultry sector in Malawi through trainings in Newcastle disease vaccination programs and animal production.

NRPC Director, Dr Pat Boland, reported on recently completed and planned upcoming activities of the organisation in June 2015. He outlined the new program in the Ntchisi district that commenced in October 2014. In the extension planning areas of Malomo and Chipuka, 31 community based poultry technicians and 2 government field staff from 12 village groups, including almost 50% women, have been trained in vaccination delivery and poultry production. This activity means that NRPC is well on the road to reaching their target for the ‘Improving Rural Livelihoods in Malawi through Village Poultry’ project. They aim to reach 2,400 families and vaccinate at least 15, 000 chickens before the end of the GRM Communities First Program funds which are due for completion in March 2016.

NRPC is also helping the NGO ‘Concern Worldwide’ with training in setting up and supporting vaccination programs in Nkhotkota, Nsanje and Lilongwe. In addition, they are serving in an advisory and support role for the same organisation to deliver emergency restocking of the poultry sector after the recent devastating floods in the Nsanje district. Lastly, NRPC are involved in re-publishing a guide to guinea-fowl farming in Malawi. The refined digital version is expected to be completed and made available on the website soon.

The government and community based vaccinators from Malomo and Chipuka who attended the October trainings. Babies were welcome, however challenging participants!