Malawi’s hottest export supporting the work of the National Rural Poultry Centre

nali sauce

Shortly after starting to import Malawian Nali hot sauce to Australia in September 2013, Adeng Imports owner Russell Hunter committed $1 from each bottle of sauce to aiding the work of the National Rural Poultry Centre (NRPC) in Malawi, an associate of KYEEMA Foundation. It has been a challenging import venture at times but this product has made important monetary contributions to the work of NRPC over the last 1.5 years and is now available online and at five retail locations in Melbourne and Adelaide.

With a piri piri heat score of 175.000 scoville units and seven flavours to choose from, chilli connoisseurs know this Malawian product is up there with the best on the global hot sauce stage. Do understand, when the locals say “Abale Samalani” or “Friend, take care”, they have your best interests at heart! Nali is the brainchild of Mr Alford Nalilo Khoromana, a Malawian man who returned from holiday in India in the 1970s and decided he could re-create the chilli sauce he had tasted there but make it even better – Malawi style. Through his subsequently well-established family business, Nali sauce production is able to employ around 300 people locally and around 3000-4000 smallholder chilli farmers who prefer to sell most of their chilli to the company rather than the local market vendors who buy at a lower price.

This infamous sauce took Russell Hunter’s fancy when he was volunteering with the Small-Scale Livestock and Livelihoods Program (SSLLP) and NRPC in 2009 whilst dining in the local chicken and fish cafes in Malawi where the sauce is commonly available. As an animal health consultant in project management and technical supervision at his own Paraveterinary Projects, he could see the potential value that an Australian Nali sauce import venture could add to the agricultural program at NRPC.

His business acumen and past experience with AQIS helped him to start the process and deliver a successful venture that continues to grow. Sourcing and maintaining a reliable and efficient freight system and the lag times in communication to Malawi are constant challenges but online customers and retailers in Australia can expect a reliably accessible, sustainably packaged, ethically produced and tasty product.

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