Our gratitude to Tara Anisa, KYEEMA Intern

Since February this year we have had the pleasure of hosting a new KYEEMA intern. Tara Anisa joins us as part of her Master of Communication Practicum through the School of Communication for Social Change at the University of Queensland.

She has a Bachelor of Communication, majoring in Journalism from the University of Islam Bandung in Indonesia and has worked for various private and non-government organisations in Indonesia in program management and communications roles. Tara is optimistic, cheerful and observant, qualities that make her a very valuable intern for us here at KYEEMA.

She explains that most communication majors in Indonesia focus on marketing, and public relations. Hence why she was interested to study at UQ which offers a training that aims to equip people with the skills to facilitate creating real change for communities.

“I learned that there are gaps between the NGO’s goals and the community needs. Those gaps create unsustainability for the project, and it changes nothing for the community. Also, I noticed that many communication specialists in international NGO are foreigners and I think that is unfortunate for the project because it’s the local people who have a better understanding of Indonesian culture and people.”

Tara had not heard of KYEEMA before she applied for the internship, but has enjoyed her time here so far, learning about how healthy household poultry can lead to significant livelihood outcomes for poor rural families globally. She is developing a communications plan for a proposed Papua New Guinea village poultry project and providing input to our communications and fundraising activities.

“I have come to realise that what makes this organisation great is the people behind it. The people here are really passionate about their work, and they work from their hearts to create a better life for marginal people.”

Tara Anisa KYEEMA

Tara has particularly enjoyed working with the small team of enthusiastic women that make things happen here at KYEEMA.

“An internship at KYEEMA feels like a girl power squad where all these women work together to help other people’s life become better.”

We have really enjoyed having Tara on our team. We look forward to staying connected with her and watching her career as a communications specialist grow.

“For the future globally, I hope women can be more independent, acknowledge their rights and be brave to speak up. Women’s empowerment in Indonesia is getting better. I can see that more women are being involved in many great movements, having an important role in big companies and feeling confident to do the work they love while having the support from their family.”

We are so grateful to Tara for the enthusiasm and skills that she has brought to our organisation. We are positive that she will be the change she wishes to see in Indonesia and afar.