Kyeema’s Impact Pathways

Many resource-limited communities deal with entrenched cycles of poverty. They rely on their surrounding environments and local economies for food, shelter and income generation. There is an urgent need for locally driven development solutions to improve the health and prosperity of communities, while simultaneously protecting the wellbeing of animals and the natural environment.

Our overarching goal is to improve the health and prosperity of marginalised communities and their environments. We work with communities globally to tackle poverty, environmental degradation and build better lives. We work alongside diverse implementing and funding partners to find innovative, participatory solutions for these challenges. Our work is informed by a ‘One Health and One Welfare’ approach a collaborative framework that recognises the interdependence of humans, animals and the natural environments in which they live. This means that the projects we support must be mutually sustainable for both humans and their natural ecosystems.

Theory of Change

Measuring Our Impact

In the 2021-22 we measured our impact by numbers against each of our key areas of impact and outcomes. For a full report on our impact read our 2021-222 Annual Report here.

Our Impact by Numbers Infographic 21-22

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