Associate Professor Joanne Meers recognised for Animal Health work in Developing Communities

Recently at the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) conference in Adelaide, one of KYEEMA’s long associates, Associate Professor Joanne Meers was awarded the prestigious Kesteven Medal for her contributions to international veterinary science.

Associate Professor Meers has provided technical support for KYEEMA’s work on promoting the benefits of thermotolerant Newcastle disease vaccine for chickens of smallholder farmers. She also manages the I-2 Vaccine Master Seed storage and dispatch through the University of Queensland School of Veterinary Science.

“Dr Meers provides a wonderful example of a highly motivated, highly skilled veterinarian who brings a remarkable capacity to use high level skills in the training and upskilling of colleagues in the developing world. She combines excellence as a veterinary virologist with a personal warmth and kindness that her colleagues across diverse cultures recognise and appreciate. When these technical and personal skills are then supplemented by the professional leadership skills of Dr Meers, the final combination is a unique person.” From AVA Award Citation.

It is people like Joanne that enable KYEEMA to achieve positive animal and human health outcomes in our project communities. We are proud and immensely thankful for Jo’s continued support of and association with KYEEMA.

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