Champion Voices

Project participants, personnel and volunteers making change in the communities we work.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Meet some of the women from Pinu Village in Central Province who are breeding native or ‘village’ chickens to improve the food and nutrition security of their community. Read more about the kick starter training they did in April 2022:

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Come on a meditative musical interlude with our Master Coral Gardener Kevin Egu in Tubusereia in PNG. Kevin created this video to show us what he and his community are doing to save and restore their precious coral reef ecosystems. What a great way to bring the community together and take action for climate change resilience and future food security. Read more about our DFAT ANCP project in PNG here. 

ETHIOPIA: A specific focus of our nutrition, health and livelihoods work is the creation of female-led programs empowering women in sustainable ND control. Ethiopian Master Trainer Dr Etsegenet Tekeba has been integral to trialing a model of public-private partnership for poultry health in the country.  Read more about our DFAT ANCP project in Ethiopia here. 

FIJI: Austin Bowden-Kerby from Corals for Conservation in Fiji who is our main partner on the Nature-based solutions project in the Pacific. Together we are helping  indigenous marine scientists to restore compromised reef ecosystems (and linked mangrove habitats) and maintain the protective climate-related services they provide through propagation of heat tolerant corals in established nurseries. Here he talks about new coral coral reef restoration paradigms based on lessons learned in accelerating natural adaptation and recovery processes.

NORTH SEA: George Birch from Oyster Heaven who won the 2021 Challenge Fund theme on ‘Valuing Nature’ updates from the field. It is hoped this technology will be able to be used to accelerate oyster reef habitat rehabilitation for conservation globally, particularly in places where government funding for such work is limited and/or resources are limited. Read about how Oyster Heaven is helping food and home building industries enter into in a new circular economy.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Kyeema staff Carl Ume and Eliza Smith recently applied for the Zayed Sustainability Prize for our work building an inclusive native chicken value chain in PNG. Carl is managing our DFAT supported Climate Resilient by Nature project with World Wildlife Fund in the Pacific. Eliza is the Kyeema Technical Manager and MEL Lead and is looking forward to featuring more Champion Voices from across our portfolio of supported projects!

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